What You Bring to the Table

By GradCenter | Published on January 11, 2012 | 0 comments

While some students dive right into graduate school after completing their undergrad, the trend is much more common right now to wait. In some cases, students may wait 5, 10 or even 20 years before making the decision to pursue a graduate degree.
Usually, the longer a student has waited, the more anxiety there is about returning. But – we assure you! Don’t be intimidated. Waiting means that you can bring a lot of things to the table that others cannot.
  1. You’re More Experienced. The higher you go in education, the more theoretical (usually) the coursework begins to get. It’s not just about applying information anymore, it’s about analyzing it and synthesizing it. By having professional experience, you have real world examples to rely on as reference points.
  2. You Have Leadership Skills. Chances are that you’re no longer in an entry-level position. You’ve probably worked your way up to having responsibilities for people and processes. The attributes that you use to be a leader at work can also make you a leader in the classroom.
  3. You Value Learning. You’re taking classes this time because you WANT to learn, not because someone told you that you SHOULD go to college. As older learners, you’ll tend to be more engaged in the material. You’ll read articles because you find them interesting and want to participate in discussions on them – because you’ve chosen your graduate degree and it’s something you’re interested in.
So, don’t think that being out of the classroom for 15 years puts you at a disadvantage to return to it. Buy into the idea that learning is a lifelong process – and that no matter our individual journeys – there is something to be learned by everyone.

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Blog post currently doesn't have any comments.
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