Getting Started

Congratulations. We want to be one of the first to commend you on considering furthering your education. Investing in your future requires commitment and the support of your family and friends. With the new advances in technology, courses can now be offered to students in more formats than ever before. Through partnering with regional member institutions of higher education, more than 100 different graduate programs are available.
  • Start Researching – Do you want a master’s program, or are you looking for a PhD? Have you decided what type of program you’re interested in, or are you considering all options? Use our program search to scan over 100 available programs, to help you narrow down your interests.
  • Ask Questions – You’ll want to ask questions of both the GradCenter and your member institution. How long is the program? What are estimated costs? What tests or requirements need to be met for admission? We can help you learn what to ask. You can also visit our frequently asked questions section.
  • Contact Your Member Institution – Once you’ve narrowed down your program choices to a short list, we’ll encourage you to work directly with your member institution on your application and admission requirements.
Pursuing an advanced degree gave me the tools I needed to switch career paths and find more joy in my profession each day. I couldn’t have done that without the GradCenter.

First Time Here?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. The first step in pursuing your education is knowing what to ask, and when to ask it.

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