Frequently Asked Questions

What programs can I take through the GradCenter?

A number of different quality graduate degrees are offered, including 100+ master degree programs, an Ed.S. degree program, and several doctoral degree programs. Graduate certificate programs and professional update courses are also offered. For specific programs, use our program search.

How do I get accepted into the GradCenter?

Because we are a partner in education with our member institutions, all admission and financial aid decisions are made by each institution according to their guidelines.

What is the benefit of using the GradCenter?

Put simply – convenience. As a student, you can learn more about our masters and PhD programs without having to contact each of our member institutions directly. Once you select a program, the GradCenter allows you to work towards completion without having to commute weekly to class. Our courses are offered in multiple formats including on-site, online and via digital conferencing.

Why doesn’t the GradCenter offer every program offered by member institutions?

We work closely with our educational partners to determine which programs best support the format we can provide at the GradCenter. Programs that require students to be in residency or that have more demanding schedules may work well with our scheduling formats.

How do I learn more?

You can visit us in person at two convenient Quad Cities locations – the New Ventures building affiliated with St. Ambrose University or on the Western Illinois University QC campus located in Moline. Or, fill out our online form to request more info.
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