Member Universities

Without the support and cooperation of our member institutions, the GradCenter wouldn’t have the wide program offerings for our students that we do. Currently, the GradCenter is comprised of 10 private and public colleges and universities. Each member institution has representation on our leadership team, and we strive to communicate frequently and consistently with you as our educational partners.

We will not only help you market your programs in a face-to-face setting, we can also provide functional support for your institution by providing classrooms and computers, and by administering tests. Through this collaborative partnership, we can mutually work to make the completion of a graduate program more convenient and seamless for our students.

For Prospective Members

If you work with an institution of higher education that isn’t currently a part of our consortium, contact us to learn more about the opportunity to become more involved with the GradCenter. By providing a wide variety of graduate and continuing education offerings to potential students in the Quad Cities, we can generate new interest with pockets of students.

For Current Members

We want our staff and students to stay informed about the news and significant events occurring on your individual campuses. Please send us any releases, deadlines or updates so that we can share them with our students and put them on our website.
Pursuing an advanced degree gave me the tools I needed to switch career paths and find more joy in my profession each day. I couldn’t have done that without the GradCenter.

First Time Here?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. The first step in pursuing your education is knowing what to ask, and when to ask it.

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